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The Examiner is reporting that D.C. Police have arrested Officer Reggie Jones, a “gun-recovery specialist,” on murder charges in connection with a the death of Arvell Alston.

The Examiner writes:

“Jones, a six-year veteran of the D.C. police department, wasn’t the triggerman in Alston’s death.

Rather, Alston allegedly was one of Jones’ partners. But authorities charged Jones with the crime because the law considers conspirators in crimes that lead to murder equally responsible. A top law enforcement source told The Examiner that Jones helped a drug crew plot the robbery of a rival in Southeast.

Among the alleged robbers were Alston and his son, Arvel Crawford. Authorities allege that as Alston’s crew moved into position, Jones did his part in the operation: driving through the 4300 block of Fourth Street, SE,with lights flashing in his police cruiser to help clear out rival crew members so that alleged robbers would have less resistance. But the robbery went bad, the law enforcement source said.”