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What normally appears in this space on Tuesdays was interrupted yesterday to bring you an important letter to Joe Lieberman, whose essence is summed up here: You, sir, are an asshole.

Today, however, we return to links to teachers bitching about Michelle Rhee, those random crime stats in that made-up neighborhood, and some important, breaking burrito news in a slowly gentrifying renaissance zone. Well, no burrito news today, but you know what we mean.

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare writes about Rhee and blame:

“I think I just solved Michelle Rhee’s PR problems.

OK, not me so much as two researchers from California whose study argues that blaming other people is contagious. This article gives details about the study, which found that when people were exposed to articles by people who blamed failure on others rather than accepting responsibility, the subjects were more likely to blame others for their own personal (and totally unrelated) failures. I’m not sure I’m doing the study justice, so read the article.”

14th and You has the lowdown on a crime meeting in Shaw with Phil Mendelson that yielded more fingerpointing than results.

Left for LeDroit writes about fractals. Fractals!

At Congress Heights on the Rise, The Advoc8te talks tough with fellow Ward 8 activists by offering this message: Stop with the crabby, selfish, counterproductive attitudes and actions!

“Don’t get me wrong. I love Ward 8. I really, really do love Ward 8, but sometimes navigating through the dysfunction, childishness and jealousy (that’s right I said it) of community politics is like watching children fighting over a toy. They would rather break it than share it.

What is this crap of ‘old residents vs. new residents’ or ‘middle class vs. working class’ or ‘East of the River vs. River East’? It’s nothing but a diversion; a diversion to keep us busy fighting each other instead of working together to solve real problems like homelessness, illiteracy and unemployment. If you live in Ward 8  then you are my neighbor – it’s that simple. It is time to smarten up people. Stop letting third-parties play our community for fools. Let’s stop playing to the stereotype. Let’s stop being crabs!”

The 42 has details on this weekend’s Holiday Booty Market, featuring local indie designers. (Note: This event is not affiliated with the Booty Wall at Howard University.)

Someone with noisy, asshole neighbors writes in to Prince of Petworth seeking advice.

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