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Holy crap! Vinny Cerrato resigned!

After the jump, the morning roundup I was working on before I read that.

Copenhagen! Copenhagen! The eyes of the world are on Copenhagen, or as I like to call it whilst I warm a snifter of brandy and ruffle my Great Dane’s neck folds, “Old Zealand.”

David Corn is in Copenhagen. The veteran correspondent reports that an Obama insider tells him the administration “had no intention of announcing any concrete pledges for long-term climate funding.” UPDATE: “On Thursday morning, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared at the climate summit and announced that the United States would contribute to a $100 billion international fund starting in 2020″—-this is in the same item! Help me out here, David Corn!

ALSO IN COPENHAGEN: Evo Morales, who may be a Scientologist. And! Dyrlægens natmad, the “veterinarian’s midnight snack.” I know which I’d rather try!

HEALTH CARE! Many people are upset about the compromises involved in getting a piece of legislation through the American congress system. Keith Olbermann, for instance. And Howard Dean. If you are in favor of health care reform, you may find this debate interesting. Seriously, no snark.

THE WORLD OF SPORTS: Baseball, maybe reforming itself. PLUS: Holy crap! Vinny Cerrato resigned!