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OK, let’s play the Bad Gift Idea Guessing Game: What is the thing pictured to the right?

Wrong guesses:

1) Portable shower drain with tail;

2) Arm-wrestling platform;

3) Warped frisbee.

Right guess: This is Herrington’s very own USB-Powered Laptop Air Conditioner. Take it away, Herrington:

Slip our Lap-Top Air Conditioner into your laptop bag—-slim design fits easily at just 17x 14x 2.4 thin. Inside, an ultra-thin yet powerful micro fan prevents laptop failure by swiftly dissipating heat; concave wave design promotes cooling airflow that protects your computer—-and air conditions your lap!

I suppose I could see the point in a device that keeps your laptop cool, though I haven’t heard of a rash of overheated and broken-down lappers in a really long time. What really gets me is the cool-groin guarantee. I mean, as a colleague has noted, any time an innovative gift company promises something that can do two things at once, you know that it does neither particularly well. And that applies doubly to cool groins.