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Fox-5’s Dave Feldman reported earlier today that Mike Shanahan dropped by Redskins Park. (Warning: Dead link! Read on…)

The team has since denied the report, and Fox-5 took Feldman’s report off its website.

But people think so little of Dan Snyder, they find it totally believable that he’d try to humiliate Jim Zorn by putting the coach within spitting distance of the man everybody says is being groomed to replace him.

So at Snyder’s message board, extremeskins.com, the posters are mostly firing away at the owner for being so crass to Zorn for no obvious reason.

STismyboy summed up Snyder’s alleged actions best, at least for those who have some WWE background:

Just when you thought Zorn couldnt be kicked in the nuts any harder, Danny goes ahead and does the peoples elbow finisher on Jims Raisins.

That one’ll keep me howling throughout this weekend’s Tsnownami. God bless the internet…