Bsom reports on the media’s coverage of the cop vs. snowballers incident and wonders how WaPo and others initially got the story so wrong despite video and photographic evidence contradicting the police department’s story:

“So even in a case where there’s photo, video, and lots of twitter-tastic participants, it was still a struggle to get the media to get the story right.

Does the Post care that MPD told it a story that wasn’t true? Will this affect how the Post sees allegations from MPD in the future when there arern’t cameras there?”

If you haven’t already, you should read And Now, Anacostia‘s story of their Christmas Party Holdup.

The Washington Teacher has some very interesting analysis of those much hyped math scores.

Frozen Tropics has a good rundown of old theaters on H Street.

Life In Mount Vernon Square has problems trying to get a car towed:

“If you live in a building, what is the towing policy? I spent my entire weekend trying to get the police to ticket the car illegally parked in my underground spot. The police never came (hopefully because of the snow), so I had to wait 48 hours until the driver left my building and my owned spot. Any advice on how to deal with these situations?”

The Georgetown Metropolitan gets all wonky on a Metro bus line.

The 42 reports that Mount Pleasant Main Street has been awarded a DDOT grant worth $240,000.