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New Year’s revelers inclined to use public transportation—and you should—take note: Metro, which has been dragging its feet on making a final decision on its New Year’s holiday hours, has announced it will remain open late.

From the news release:

New Year’s Eve, Thursday, December 31

On New Year’s Eve, Metrorail will operate on a weekday schedule, opening at 5 a.m., and staying open two hours late, closing at 2 a.m. All Metrorail trains will operate with six-cars. Metrobus will operate on a weekday schedule and will also operate until 2 a.m. to make sure rail and bus passengers catch their necessary connections. MetroAccess will operate normally.

New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1

On New Year’s Day, Metrorail will open at 7 a.m. and close at 2 a.m. On New Year’s Day, all Metrorail trains will operate with six cars. New Year’s Day ridership is traditionally light. Last year only about 152,000 people rode the Metrorail system. Metrobus will operate on a Sunday schedule. MetroAccess will operate normally.