What was it they said about road travel around Christmastime? Something about it being less intense than Thanksgiving, more spread out, less of an issue? That, anyhow, is the conventional wisdom, as parroted by this source, which claims that trips increase by 54 percent around T-giving and just 23 percent around Xmas/New Year’s.

Well, let me just say that this particular source’s stats were off this Xmas. Perhaps it was because the big day fell on a Friday and everyone interpreted it as just another long weekend; or maybe this region is drowning in traffic anyway. But: It was hell out there on the bookends of this holiday weekend. My experience: 5 hours from D.C. to the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Wednesday afternoon. A record.

You knew the year couldn’t possibly end without another major mishap on the Metro lines, right? And sure enough, Sunday morning brought the news of more mayhem related to the region’s rail-transport provider. The deal this time is that a Red Line train headed for Shady Grove hit a man at the Chinatown-Gallery Place station, at about 7:30 Sunday morning. The fellow was apparently conscious.

What of the Giants? They wallop the Skins on Monday night, at FedEx, and then go home and decided to imitate the team they’d just beaten.

And though the fate of Redskins Coach Jim Zorn was sealed weeks—-perhaps months—-ago, he managed to apply an extra coating last night.