Yesterday afternoon, law enforcement arrested Marlo Antonio Garcias in connection with the Christmas morning triple shooting at 5401 4th Street NW that left one man dead and two other individuals critically injured. Garcias was charged first degree murder while armed.

For the first time, court records reveal a narrative of the shooting scene. At about 4:55 a.m. on Christmas, Fourth District officers responded to 5401 4th Street NW “after being flagged down by citizens in reference to a shooting.” The affidavit in support of Garcia’s arrest goes on to state: “The officers arrived on the scene and discovered three shooting victims in the basement suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.” Two individuals were transported to an area hospital. The third victim, Miguel Romero, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene. Romero was shot three times, with entrance wounds in his back, head and neck.

The two survivors sustained serious gunshot wounds. One was shot once in the head. The other victim was shot in the mouth. The victims were unarmed at the time of the shootings. Both are in critical condition.

One witness told police that they heard a gunshot coming from the rear of 5401 4th Street. They then went outside and observed Romero, Garcias, and one other Latino male entering the basement. They then heard arguing coming from the basement area. They then went down to the basement and observed Garcias “racking a gun.” They then “observed [Garcias]  pointing the gun at [Romero].”

The witnesses says they then ran upstairs to the kitchen and “heard additional gunshots coming from the basement.”

The witnesses was shown a series of nine photos. They failed to identify the shooter from the pictures. Hours later, the witness came back and requested to look at the photos again. They then ID’d Garcias. The witness reported that they didn’t immediately identify Garcias because they were afraid for their safety and their family’s safety.

A second witness told police that they heard gunshots coming from the basement. Seconds later, they say Garcias, “with gun in hand,” attempted to force his way upstairs to the kitchen. Police showed this witness nine photos as well. The witness pointed to photo No. 9 and stated: “It looks like him, the person I saw with the gun. With different hairstyle, mustache and facial hair.”

No. 9 was Garcias.

In the supplemental narrative supplied by a D.C. Police Department detective, police admit that Garcias was a hard man to track down. Police went to two addresses listed for the man and came up unsuccessful. After his arrest, he gave an address he hadn’t lived in for six months.  He apparently had no real fixed address.

Police say that its investigation revealed that Garcias is a member of “STC,” a street gang known as “Street Thug Criminals.”

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.