Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare reports on the blame game that seems to go on at every DCPS meeting:

“In numerous staff meetings, my administration has told teachers that our students are failing because we’re not using engaging instruction or making meaningful c onnections. My response, rather than acknowledging that there are times when my lessons aren’t engaging, is to blame student failure on others by saying, “the kids don’t come and the administrators don’t support us on discipline issues.” Of course, the latter comment is true — attendance is terrible and administrators at my school often do nothing with discipline issues that have been referred tot hem. But sometimes the former is true, too.”

Congress Heights On The Rise asks the inevitable question: Where’s a good place to eat in the neighborhood? Options are still slim enough that the blogger must mention the “hot bar at Giant.” Checkout our own roundup from a few years back; fuck it, our archive search sucks. One last complaint: DO WE REALLY HAVE TO CALL YOUR PATCH OF REAL ESTATE, RIVER EAST? Readers want facts, not marketing schemes. Or maybe they want marketing, I don’t know.

DCmud diligently and expertly chronicles the latest twists and turns in the Skyland Town Center development proposed for Good Hope Road and Alabama Ave. This is a must read for development junkies. Apparently a zoning hearing ran to three hours with people airing complaints regarding the massive mixed-use project:

“ANC-7B submitted a letter of support, but it listed approximately 20 concerns or items that needed further discussions, including concerns over traffic mitigation, litter control, and promised transportation enhancements. One group of neighbors, the Ft. Baker Drive Party, remains in complete opposition citing concerns over, naturally, the proximity of the planned development to their homes.”

Frozen Tropics recounts their holiday travel hell.

The Georgetown Metropolitan offers New Year’s Eve recommendations.