Politico‘s Michael Calderone comes up with a nice little piece of reporting on the continuing shakeup at the Washington Times. He got departing national security editor Barbara Slavin to say this: “‘None of us understand what the strategy is,’ adding that the cuts have been done in a ‘haphazard way.'”

Not so spectacular, you say?

Well, please remember that this is the Washington Times, where information is like a lollipop to a 4-year-old. That is, it absolutely cannot be shared.

Example: I reached Jeff Birnbaum today in the hope of interviewing him about his switch from management to columnist. I just wanted to know what was up, what he’d be doing in his new role. No dice. He wouldn’t say a thing beyond the boilerplate statement he’d issued about being honored and privileged to have worked with so many good and talented people. He utterly refused to go beyond the statement in any shape or form. That’s what the Washington Times does to you.