Hello and welcome to the last morning roundup of whatever the name of that decade we just had was (valiant attempt here)! I am in Scotland and don’t know anything that’s going on at home, so this may not be too informative. (Unless you want to know about Ant & Dec’s Christmas show!) But if I win the EuroMillions tonight, this will be my last morning roundup ever! SO LONG STINK TOWN! Until I lose 78 percent of my winnings to taxes, that is, and am back in the office on Jan. 4.

Is it snowing there? It’s been snowing like crazy here. No one I’ve spoken with remembers a white Christmas in Edinburgh since Tommy Burns played for Scotland. Not exactly journalism, but I am sorta on vacation. SPEAKING OF WHICH…

If you were on metro or sports at the Washington Times, e-mail me if you want me to pick you up a EuroMillions ticket. What a miserable way to lay off the only sections of that paper of interest for people not obsessed with the president’s birth certificate. Good luck, folks. And to the people left at the “21st-century multimedia company,” too.

NEWS FROM EDINBURGH: Many roads are closed in the city centre due to tonight’s Hogmanay celebrations. I will not be taking part! Looks cold. Maybe a little first-footin’ after the bells, but I have a 6 a.m. flight home tomorrow morning, and does anyone have any idea what the travel restrictions will be like? I’ll let you know after my luggage gets lost at Charles De Gaulle, where a bag has never successfully followed a transferring passenger home.

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON: Can I read the Washington Post better than you? Doubtful!

Happy New Year! Snog a stranger for me! Use those links below! Much love from the old country!