Successful individuals ring in the New Year with a set of resolutions that lay out upgrades to behavior and personality. Successful organizations must do the same, and that’s where Washington City Paper‘s 2010 New Year’s resolutions come in. Though we did some good things in 2009—including the feat of continuing to exist—there’s so much more we have to do in our pursuit of perfection.

Here we go, in no particular order of priority:

1. Lose weight. We know, you have no faith in us here—you think we’re just saying that. But listen up: We have an exercise role model in this city! We have at our disposal a man who’s been designated one of the world’s 25 fittest! We have Adrian Fenty! So look for us out there  mimicking his training schedule, running early-morning intervals and pedaling around Hains Point at lunchtime. There is one caveat: The mayor’s swim-bike-run regimen quite possibly has him losing his mind. But if our own cardiovascular obsession means zero percent body fat and a stunning physique, that seems like a small concession to us.

2. Step up coverage of Pershing Park. The events of Sept. 27, 2002, have gone underreported in the local media, and City Paper is a big part of the problem. If you don’t know what a “running resume” is by now, then we haven’t done our job. As the remaining civil case in the Pershing Park debacle continues to heat up, we promise not just four or five weekly updates on the matter, but rather nine to 15. In the additional posts, we will interview lawyers on what filings are coming up, what fonts they prefer to use in their exhibits, and the thickness of the paper they use to notify city attorneys of their demands. Finally, we are working up a multimedia presentation on hogtying.

Stay tuned to City Desk for the rest.