Today, the Washington Post published a nice little good news story about how the District’s population is starting rebound and is expected to pass 600,000 residents for the first time since 1991. Post reporters were able to beef up their story with interviews from Councilmembers Jack Evans, Jim Graham, and Kwame Brown, a demographer at the Brookings Institute, the director of the District’s planning office, and the head of the 21st Century School Fund.

So who refused to talk about this milestone? Mayor Fenty. He told the Post reporters that he wouldn’t comment on the population increases until his press conference scheduled for late this morning.

The Post added his quote to the online addition moments ago. This is the boilerplate the reporters had to wait for:

“These gains reflect a significant vote of confidence that the District of Columbia is moving in the right direction,” Fenty (D) said. “This kind of growth will only continue as more people see how we are working to improve our schools, provide more transportation options and build healthier, safer, more vibrant neighborhoods.”

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.