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Mike Wise‘s description of the incident that has led to Gilbert Arenas‘ Waterloo is amazing.

A brief-as-possible summary:

  • Javaris Crittenden loses ±$1,100 to JaVale McGee in a game of “Boo-ray.” Arenas somehow gets involved in a resulting dispute.
  • Arenas threatens to blow up Crittenden’s car (he is smiling). Crittenden (no word on his facial expression) threatens to shoot Arenas in the knee.
  • Two days later, Arenas lays out a selection of guns in Crittenden’s locker, with a note reading “choose one.” He explains to Crittenden that if he’d like to shoot him, this would facilitate the process.
  • Crittenden, unimpressed with the selection of weapons, produces his own gun and loads it while singing.
  • Arenas laughs and begins repeating “Look at that little shiny gun.” Teammates who were watching begin to make excuses and scram.

CONCLUSION: The media is to blame.


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