People are what make games fun. The jokes and reactions to turns of fortune build to humorous levels that at times are more memorable than any stakes that were won or lost….A Bourre’ game is tailor made for such foolishness, maybe that’s why it’s so popular in South Lousiana….So gather up a half-dozen or so friends, get the stove going with that roux and rice, have some fresh French bread handy and plenty of cold drinks and you’re on your way….That’s all you need – get loose and deal.

From Official Rules and Techniques of the Cajun Card Game Bourré (boo-ray), which author Preston Guidry was so kind to send me after we spoke yesterday. Expect gunfights and large amounts of cash changing hands in the CP offices after this weekend! Order your own copy from the National Cajun Bourré Association, P.O. Box 401, Sunset, La. 70584. You can join the association for $10.