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At least the cold snap has served a useful purpose: Over the weekend, recreaters swarmed the C&O Canal for skating and hockey, among the few times that conditions conspire in such a way to make that possible. The conditions won’t hold out too long, though: By mid-week, we’ll be back to classic D.C. winter temps—-in the high 30s and low 40s, that is.

It’s God’s plan.” Gawd, every time we learn something more about what the McCain people knew about Sarah Palin, the more idiotic seems their decision to choose her as the runningmate to begin with. Yes, by disclosing more and more, they do embarrass Palin and open the world’s eyes to her lunacy. At the same time, they raise just as many questions about themselves. Perhaps they should keep their mouths shut?

Wow, a cuddler on Calvert Street? According to the Washington Post, a woman in Glover Park awoke around 6:30 a.m. to find a man trying to nestle up to her in bed. The guy took off, and the woman was not injured. The question is: Is this an example of the G’town cuddler taking his scourge off campus?

Post remains on Gilbert beat, though I am opting out of any more analysis/hand-wringing/wrist-slapping/moralizing about all this.