The Washington Post endorses Gray…vs. Fenty. In an editorial, they write that Chairman Vincent Gray should stop dithering and enter the mayoral race. Fenty deserves a challenger. And Fenty’s detractors need to show some guts and run someone for mayor: “It’s clear from the money he has raised and the campaign apparatus that he’s assembled that Mr. Fenty is ready to be challenged. Isn’t it time for his critics to show their mettle?”

What I want to know: Has Gray’s very public waffling on the subject hurt him? Has it slowed down legislation as everyone at the Wilson Building waits for Gray to make his decision? And what other local leaders should people be pushing to run? Yesterday’s Post story on Gray sure didn’t help him. What was he thinking, what were his advisers thinking?

The Washington Teacher gives a thumbs down to Rhee’s interview with Anderson Cooper last week [video link]. Blogger writes:

“Just more of the same of Rhee on her soap box with unedited teacher bashing . Many who watched Michelle Rhee on Cooper’s Thursday evening show were infuriated about the production of ‘What’s Next -Education ?’ If you were watching, the answer to that question is more of the same. Stay tuned for more firings, more firings and more firings by Chancellor Michelle Rhee.”

And Now, Anacostia reports on the opening of Big Chair Coffee. DCist was there too. And so was our resident real estate expert! The shop looks like it sure beats the grocery-store Starbucks.

The Heights Life has the rundown on Columbia Heights’ top Netflix rentals. Pretty mainstream! Benjamin Button? WTF. Seven Pounds? Slumdog Millionaire? Not very hipster! Where’s the fuckin’ mumblecore!?

Frozen Tropics has the agenda for tonight’s PSA 102 meeting covering youth violence.