Miracle Dog: It’s official: Trooper, the pit bull duct taped into a plastic bag and left for dead in a Southeast dumpster last summer, is up for adoption. Trooper’s physical and psychological wounds—likely sustained during an illegally staged dog fight—have healed enough that caretakers feel comfortable placing her with a family.

Though the dog is seeking adopters, she’s still in a witness protection program of sorts. But the Washington Humane Society (WHS) is providing recent pics of the pooch, including the one above.

Another Mauled Pit: A young pit bull with what appeared to be infected bite wounds on his head, neck, and face has been impounded by Humane Law Enforcement (HLE). On Jan. 9, an HLE officer found the dog in the backyard of a residence in the 900 block of Hamilton Street NW. The animal cop tried unsuccessfully to make contact with the residents. “The dog was impounded,” the humane society says, “to protect his health and safety.”

Unchained: On Jan. 8, an HLE officer arrived at a residence in the 200 block of 51st Street SE to find “three pit bull type dogs chained out in the backyard with heavy gauge chains.” HLE told the dogs’ owner to remove the tethers within seven days. D.C. law forbids pets from being “cruelly chained.”

He’s Yours: Also on Jan. 8, an HLE officer met with a cat owner in the 2300 block of Ainger Place SE. The resident was worried about her 1-year-old, male, gray-and-white tabby chronically urinating throughout the home. The officer explained that male cats often “spray” to mark their territory. The woman decided to give the cat up; he’s at the WHS shelter being evaluated for adoption.

Source: Washington Humane Society