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Last week, LL brought you the story of Lenwood Johnson, the Columbia Heights resident and D.C. Democratic State Committee member who voted against a voting-rights resolution, and while in the process of explaining why he did so, explained to LL that he keeps an unregistered handgun.

“It’s no big deal with me, owning a gun or not owning a gun,” Johnson said last Wednesday. “I’m not going to register mine.”

But Johnson’s now changed his tune.

You see, on Saturday, D.C. police showed up at the door of his apartment. They explained that they were there, he says, due to a “citizen’s complaint” about his illicit heat.

Johnson allowed them to search the premises, but they went away empty-handed. In the wake of the house call, he’s backed off his open scofflawism: “All I can say is that if anyone ever sees me with a gun in my possession, I will certainly be in absolute compliance with all the applicable gun laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where the gun is in my possession.”

Apparently Gilbert Arenas‘ plight—-the police visit came not 24 hours after the soon-to-be-ex-Wizard pleaded guilty in Superior Court to felony gun possession, a charge carrying a five-year maximum sentence—-made an impression on one gun owner. “If I have gun in the District, I will register it, I certainly don’t want to get into any unnecessary crazy trouble. Looking at all that [Arenas has] gone through…it’s just not worth it.”

But don’t think that’s led Johnson to betray his principles on gun regulation: “There are a whole lot of things I’m opposed to,” he says, ” but I see it’s necessary to do them to stay out of trouble. It’s something I will continue to fight.”