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The Wizards lost at home to the Mavericks by a single point. This team is now about three months and as many worlds away from the team that fairly routed Dallas in Dallas on Oct. 28, 2009, the first game of the season. The New York Times gives some hints today at how far and fast the Wizards fell in a write-up of Javaris Crittenton, who is called “The Other Player” in the Gilbert Arenas guns-in-the-locker room debacle. The Times describes Crittenton as a “neat freak.” Let’s see if he can get out of his current troubles with a clean record.

Back to me: While other, positiver souls celebrated the Wizards first-game win in October as an indicator of fab things to come, I sipped til my glass was half-empty and typed this about the new season:

Oh, right. The Wizards win, 102-91, on the road, led by Gilbert Arenas, the man fans really, really want to love.

Things can’t get better than this. And, as all Bullets fans will tell you, they won’t.

Whoa! Who gave Nostradamus our wordpress password?

‘Course, nobody ever went broke underestimating the Bullets/Wiz chances. And I also once wrote that Carrie Underwood had zero chance at a real career. I’d’ve bet money.


Speaking of bad bets: The Mavericks are owned by Mark Cuban, one of the highest profile and most vocal supporters of Dan Snyder’s bid to take over the Six Flags theme park chain.

(AFTER THE JUMP: Mark Cuban said what about Six Flags? How’d that work out? Mike Miller cut his hair? Did he pull any muscles in the barber’s chair? More on the Jumbotron at FedEx? Was Dan Snyder holding out for Abe Pollin money? The Redskins stop trumpeting the waiting list in press releases? What’s the weather forecast for hell today? Kyle Shanahan finally confirms he’ll keep up the like-father, like-son tradition at Redskins Park?)

This old BusinessWeek quote with Cuban cheerleading Snyder has given me loads of giggles over time:

Another investor, tech billionaire Mark Cuban, is cheering Six Flags almost as loudly as he does his Dallas Mavericks. “They’ve shown they know how to create great entertainment,” Cuban writes about Snyder and [CEO Mark] Shapiro in an e-mail.

Six Flags stock was selling for, oh, $11.93 a share about the time Cuban was waving his pom poms. Today, the stock goes for a dime and Snyder is trying to hold on to his chairman of the board seat as Six Flags gets out of bankruptcy re-org.

Over the years, as Six Flags has descended to hell, I’ve tried occasionally to get a comment from Cuban about his cheerleading Snyder’s failed effort. But he’s never responded.

If he ever does get back to me, I’ll ask Cuban where he is on Carrie Underwood.


Via Truth About It: Mike Miller, who has racked up more DNP’s than three-pointers in his first season with the Wizards, has gotten rid of his soccer hair and is going with the more conservative Rambis Look. That’s a much more fitting coif, given the funereal aura around the team these days.


The Redskins officially announced yesterday what the Great Dan Steinberg reported a night earlier: There are going to be big screens at FedExField.

Here’s Dan Snyder’s explanation for why they’re putting in the new video system: “It’s all about the fans’ ability to interact both with and within the game. We want everyone to be able to get the full impact of the competition on the field.  These boards will enhance the experience of every fan in the stadium.”

Sounds great, Dan! Oh, wait! I mean: What did you say? “It’s all about the fans’ ability to interact both with and within the game”?  What in tarnation does that mean?

The Jumbotron announcement, as with all missives from Redskins Park, did have some very intriguing portions. Such as: “Because the stadium is privately held, all of the expenses associated with the renovation will be borne by the Redskins.  No public financing is involved.”

That sure sounds like Snyder’s whining about Abe Pollin, who got $75 million from the D.C. government to put in a new screen at the Verizon Center. Maybe that’s why Snyder waited all these years to listen to the fans’ big-screen pleas: He was waiting for P.G. County to pony up!

And, there’s also this in the press release:  “The Redskins’ average general admission ticket prices are below those of nine other NFL teams, including most of the other major markets, according to the 2009 NFL survey of Team Marketing Report.”

Kind of an odd boast when you consider the Redskins delivered the 29th best record in the NFL last year, and in the most recent Sports Illustrated poll FedExField was ranked as giving fans the 28th best “Fan Value Experience” among all NFL stadiums.

One more bizarre attribute: The press release makes no mention of the season tickets waiting list! An oversight on Karl Swanson’s part? Or Glasnost 2K10?


The Son Also Coaches (Cont.): Another rumor almost as old as the New-Jumbotrons-for-FedExField rumblings was also confirmed yesterday, as Kyle Shanahan was officially welcomed as the Redskins offensive coordinator.

As I’ve noted before (ok, and before and before, too), there’s no -ism like nepotism over at Redskins Park. Kyle joins a long line of bring-your-son-to-the-payroll extravaganzas since Dan Snyder took over the team. The Redskins have already been through Brian Schottenheimer working for papa Marty, Steve Spurrier Jr. cashing checks alongside Steve Sr., Joe Gibbs coming back to D.C. just so Coy Gibbs can have a football coaching career, and Al Saunders‘ offspring Bob Saunders helping to carry Daddy’s 700-page playbook.


RIP, George Michael.


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