Yesterday, Kristopher Baumann won another two-year term as Chairman of the FOP/MPD Labor Committee.This will be his third term playing the sharpest thorn in the side of police brass. The preliminary vote tally shows that the rank and file more than approve of Baumann’s work. Out of the 1800 or so that voted, Baumann received a little over 1000 votes.

Initially, Baumann faced three challengers; one candidate dropped out shortly before the election. The election was not without controversy. The Examiner‘s Harry Jaffe had reported earlier this month that Baumann’s fliers had been repeatedly swiped from police department walls.

“There were issues where our campaign materials were constantly being removed from police facilities throughout D.C. especially headquarters,” Baumann tells City Desk. “The posters for the other candidates were not removed. There were anonymous fliers attacking me.”

Baumann says that the department refused his request to investigate the matter.

Baumann has done much to piss off Chief Lanier and Co. And it’s a safe bet that he’s not received an Evite to Peter Nickles’ horse farm in Virginia. He’s successfully joined the fight against the police checkpoints and threw up a roadblock to Lanier’s All Hands On Deck gimmick.

There’s still plenty of  pending litigation on Baumann’s docket from FOIA requests to whistleblower cases to an unsettled union contract. “I think there’s a lot of unfinished business,” he says.

“What this department needs is sunlight,” Baumann, 42, explains. “Look at Pershing Park. That is a disgrace. That is a stain on the police department.”

Still, Baumann says the union job isn’t the job he really wants. “I just want to go back to being a police officer, but what kind of police officer would I be if I saw all these problems and did nothing about it?”

*file photo by Darrow Montgomery.