Last week, Tira Williams was wrongly released from the D.C. Jail.  The Department of Corrections has yet to come up with a legit excuse for her release. But maybe there’s one excuse that everyone can get behind.

The DOC should just come out and say this: Ms. Williams was just really annoying and therefore we felt her early release from our facility would benefit the other inmates and staff. We regret any problems or embarrassment this decision may have caused.

The DOC then could produce the D.C. Police Department’s written account of her latest caper filed in D.C. Superior Court. On December 1, Williams was busted for shoplifting at the Minnesota Ave. NE Safeway.

The officer wrote that when he arrived at the Safeway, a security guard informed him that he had observed Williams place Gain laundry detergent in her jacket. He then told the cop that when he approached her, Williams slapped him twice on the left side of his face. She then walked out of the store, dropped the merch and fled.

The officer and the security guard quickly spotted Williams on Dix Street NE. As the officer approached Williams, she reportedly stated: “What the fuck you want Po Po?”

The officer replied: “What is going on here ma’am?”

Williams then stated: “Fuck you and that flashlight security guard.”


The officer reported that he smelled alcohol on Williams’ breath. She was clutching a 750 ML bottle of Manischewitz. The officer then asked for her name.

Williams replied: “I’am Tira, you know and the Police Department [know] who the fuck I am. I don’t talk to feds.”

The officer told Williams that she was under arrest. This did not sit well with Williams, who stated: “I ain’t under no arrest, you are under arrest.”

When the officer tried to place her under arrest, Williams wiggled free and assumed a fighting stance. The officer wrote: “A struggle ensued as she was in possession of the listed glass bottle, I grabbed my pepper spray and sprayed two short [bursts] to [Williams’] facial area.” The officer then took Williams to the ground, forced her hands behind her back, and cuffed her.

Do you think Williams was cool behind bars?