The Washington Post is plotting a possible move into deeper reporting on the local biz scene, according to a newsroom source and a prototype that some Post subscribers have received. According to the source, the new publication—-which would be named “Capital Business”—-would come out on a weekly basis—-sorta like the Washington Business Journal—-and would focus on local biz developments—-sorta like the Washington Business Journal. A subscription would cost $1.99 per week.

Here’s the intro text of the poll that went out recently to some of the paper’s subscribers:

Thank you again for agreeing to take this survey. As you can see, there is a prototype of a potential new, once a week, business publication from The Washington Post newspaper in the package you received. A subscription to this publication would be $1.99 a week.

Most of the questions will concern your opinion of this publication, however, we would like to begin with a few questions about what business topics you are interested in. The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Your opinions matter to us. Thank you!

A Post source indicates that the paper might hire some young reporters to do the low-to-the-ground reporting necessary to make a local biz pub worthwhile—-sorta like the Washington Business Journal.

City Desk has made calls all over the place about this potential new product and will be filing more stuff throughout the day.