Lenwood Johnson‘s still in hot water with the authorities.

The D.C. Democratic State Committee member who told LL earlier this month that he owned an unregistered handgun was first visited by D.C. police last Saturday, where they performed an informal search. On Friday afternoon, lawmen returned to Johnson’s Columbia Heights apartment, this time with a warrant.

Unfortunately for Johnson, he wasn’t home at the time. Police broke down his door and tossed his apartment. In keeping with Johnson’s pledge to obey local gun laws, the cops didn’t find a weapon.

Johnson says the search was “like a sucker punch.”

He spent the night in Baltimore and didn’t return home until early the following morning. When he arrived shortly after 6 a.m., he found his door covered in plywood with a note to call his landlord, who told him what had happened. The police had shattered his apartment’s wooden door.

“It wasn’t like the movies. They didn’t break mirrors; they didn’t cut up the mattress or anything….They pulled stuff out but they didn’t put it back in,” Johnson says. “I wish they could have shown up at 6 o’clock in the morning as opposed to 4:30 in the evening. I could have opened the door for them and told them to lock the door when they finished.”

According to a document left by police, they didn’t leave completely empty-handed: They took proof of residence and a packet of gun registration materials he’d picked up from police headquarters. So now, Johnson says, his efforts to legally register his weapon (the whereabouts of which he is not disclosing) have been set back.

Johnson says he also noticed another couple of items missing, and he blames police for their disappearance: a $10 bill, which he intended for his laundry, and a bottle of cologne—-Givenchy Gentleman, to be precise.

“It’s one of my favorites,” Johnson says of the cologne. “I hope [the police] pay for the door and give me back my $10 in laundry money and my bottle of cologne.”