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Obama called for comity! Alito mouthed “You are a liar!”* Around the one-hour mark, I started looking at snow shovels on acehardware.com! THE STATE OF THE UNION IS STRONG.

During his speech, the president decried Washington’s “perpetual campaign where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines about the other side—a belief that if you lose, I win.” This seems not to have worked!

I did not watch Bob McDonnell‘s wee pretendy SOTU from Richmond—not because he has been the essentially powerless governor of a state for two weeks, not because he believes in magic, and not because he confuses becoming governor with getting married (fig. 1). I did not watch it because there were repeats on Channel 20 that weren’t gonna watch themselves.

fig. 1″ title=”mcdonnell_transom” width=”420″ class=”size-full wp-image-44912″ />
fig. 1

THE IPAD HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. JOURNALISM IS SAVED. If you’re reading this on a tablet, thanks!

PRO BOWL FEVER: Who’s got it besides me? I can’t wait to see Maurice Jones-Drew get Orakpwned!

MORE OF YESTERDAY’S NEWS: Some jackass from Utah wants no gay marriage in D.C. Caps win again. Wearable art by Marion Barry. Greatest Washington Post blog post of all time disappears, then reappears in bowdlerized form! Washington professional sports ownership continues to be a world of world-class weirdness.

• A bike-commuting challenge, normally something I’d favor, except this one requires you to ride in “office attire.” Don’t stink up your sportsjacket! Wear a sweatshirt and a quick-drying T-shirt instead. Also: you might get chain grease on your nice trousers. This is a bad idea! That stuff never comes out. Unless you’re going less than a mile, riding in office clothes is a little silly.

*Or something