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A fabulous day for political hacks in the District of Columbia: It’s campaign finance reporting day!

Some early returns: Clark Ray, challenger for the Democratic at-large seat, puts in a decent showing with $80,382 raised in total, with $42,068 still in the bank (plus a $15,000 loan due to the candidate).

The report for the incumbent, Phil Mendelson, hasn’t been posted yet, but LL is told he’ll post a number around $130,000—-a faster start than usual for the four-term incumbent.

With his figures, Ray definitely stays in the conversation. And for those wondering if the Fenty money machine would come out for the ex-Fenty parks director, there are a few: former Fenty chief of staff Tene Dolphin gave $100; education facilities chief Allen Lew gave $250; and Fenty-backing philanthropist Judith Terra gave $750. Marvin Bowser, brother of Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel, gave $46

Other notables include developer Jim Abdo ($500), boxing promoter Rock Newman ($200), and ex-Mendelson opponent A. Scott Bolden ($100, plus $1,000 from his law firm, Reed Smith).

But the biggest names of all actually weren’t big names when they chipped in to the campaign: Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the famed White House party crashers, each gave Ray $20.

They showed up at Ray’s 46th birthday fundraiser at Terra’s home on Nov. 19, an event filmed by ‘Real Housewives’ crews—-five days later, they’d waltz into the White House, and into infamy.