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Culpeper County school administrators welcome back Anne Frank!

Some school hack had decided to ban Frank’s diary from the county’s school curriculum. This was a bad idea as well as an unpopular one. WaPo writes:

“Director of instruction James Allen last week told The Washington Post that the definitive edition of the diary would not be used in the future and that the decision was made quickly, without adhering to a formal review policy for instructional materials that prompt complaints. The remarks set off a hailstorm of criticism online and brought international attention to the 7,600-student school system in rural Virginia.

Superintendent Bobbi Johnson said Monday that the book will remain a part of English classes, although it may be taught at a different grade level.

Johnson will convene a committee of English teachers and curriculum specialists this spring to review the diary along with scores of other books to develop a reading list for middle and high school English classes that teachers can use and that parents can review before school starts.”

On Jan. 29, Johnson was defending her decision to censor and or ban the unedited diary. Johnson tells WaPo that this new review has nothing to do with censorship. So glad ignorance is just a short car ride away.

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