Beer Bullies: There was a fracas at Glover Park bar Gin & Tonic on Jan. 30. A man told police  he was hanging out at the watering hole—at 2408 Wisconsin Ave. NW—at around 2 a.m. when three guys poured beer on him. For revenge, the victim threw his own brewski onto one of the alleged bullies. That wasn’t the end of it. When the first beer-dampened fellow made his way to the bathroom, the trio followed him—and beat him up. The beatdown was eventually interrupted by someone who had to use the restroom. The three suspects fled.    

This isn’t the first time Gin & Tonic has had problems with either violence or bathrooms. The Glover Park Gazette reports that on Feb. 28, 2009, things got rowdy when a customer sauntered through the wrong door: “The patron—a man who admitted to being drunk and going into the ladies’ bathroom—called police to report an assault after the staffer dragged him out the club’s back door and around to the street. The patron complained of bruises, scrapes, and a broken finger.”

Underground Monte Carlo: A gambling house in the 2000 block of 4th Street NW was raided by police on Jan. 28.  At about 11:30 p.m., Vice cops served a warrant on what they called the illegal den, where patrons regularly tried their luck at dice, cards, and sports betting. Two arrests were made, and an unspecified amount of currency was seized. The bust was a product of a months-long investigation, police say.

Speedy: An alleged mugger might have been too eager on Jan. 31, committing two separate robberies within minutes. A man told police that, around 3:30 p.m, while he was on 14th and Nicholson Streets NW, a man robbed him. At around 3:35, two other individuals standing in the 6100 block of 14th Street flagged down some officers to say they too had been been robbed. Police suspected the same knife-wielding suspect was responsible for both robberies. Officer Freddy Pujols spotted someone who fit the mugger’s description and stopped him. The robbery victims and several witnesses identified him as the perpetrator of both.

Better Service: Listserv poster Matthew Hutson claims his neighbor was wronged by D.C. police. The Brookland resident explains the woman was assaulted by a man with a knife “on 10th Street right near Rhode Island Avenue” around 8 p.m. on Jan. 26. He writes:

“She called the police. A squad car picked her up and drove around the block twice looking for the assailant. They then asked her ‘do you want to pursue this, he technically didn’t threaten you.’ Is this the most we can expect from our police?”

Fifth District Commander Lamar D. Greene responded to Hutson’s complaint via listserv, seeming none too pleased by the police response he described.

“The incident appears to have been handled in a manner not consistent with the level of service I expect from my officers,” Greene writes. The top cop offered his contact info to Hutson and asked him to pass it on to his neighbor so Greene can interview her and “correct the lack of service she received.”

Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes says Hutson’s complaint is under investigation by 5-D officials.

Hutson knows of his neighbor’s ordeal because, after she fended off her alleged attacker, she knocked on his door for help.

UPDATE: Commander Greene, who was not immediately available for comment on Hutson’s charge, has since responded, saying: “I have spoken to the complainant and discovered that all the facts did not occur as the third party indicated. We are investigating the incident and will advise as more progress is made.”