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Lots of hand-wringing in recent days over the dip in support for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty among black Washingtonians. But remember that the grassroots disaffection hasn’t trickled up yet to America’s premier black periodical, Ebony magazine.

In its December 2009/January 2010 issue, Ebony selected Fenty as one of its “Power 150,” putting him on the same page as Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, pundit Donna Brazile, and California assembly Speaker Karen Bass.

Here’s what the magazine writes: “A no-nonsense mayor who is the anti-Marion Barry, He has dramatically improved schools, lowered the crime rate and brought new hope to the nation’s capital. And now he has a direct line to a president who wants D.C. statehood. Can you say ‘Governor Fenty’?”

The write-up’s assessment of a “president who wants D.C. statehood” aside, it seems that his credentials as the “anti-Marion Barry” have not endeared Fenty to D.C.’s African-Americans.