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Some people apparently think other people should be working, rather than trying to come up with a name for the snowstorm that is bearing down on the region.

What’s his problem??

Anyway, lots of folks have weighed in in response to Capital Weather Gang’s request for names (I mean, lots of folks…all that productivity, gone!) Here are some of the contenders, from the CWG site and elsewhere:


*Snowly Crap

*Snowper Bowl

*Sno’ Mo’



*Snowgasm (verdict from CWG: “soo not kid safe”)


*Spongebob Snowpants

*Snobal Warming



*The Great Senate Snowfu

*Kaiser Snowze (a personal favorite)

*The Great 2010 Less Than 2, 2 to 6, 6 to 12, 12+, Check Back Tomorrow Snowcastrophe

Of 300 suggestions, CWG narrowed the field to five, and there’s now a poll going on. With 1,348 votes in, Snowmageddon is in the lead (35 percent), followed by Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo (24 percent), The Great Superbowl Superstorm of 2010 (15 percent), Kaiser Snowze (14 percent), and Alex Snovechkin’s Revenge (9 percent).

There’s a separate poll there for a Twitter hashtag. Go crazy.