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While the rest of us enjoy what the District government has deemed “Super Snow Bowl,” at least one city leader will be enjoying the plain ol’ Super Bowl.

That would be Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., whom LL reached this afternoon inside a Miami Subs location. That’s right—-his flight just landed, having left D.C. just before the potentially historic deluge began.

“Got out by the grace of god,” Thomas says.

Asked what lured him down from his soon-to-be-snowbound ward to Super Bowl XLIV, Thomas started by talking about how he’s looking to partner with the NFL on a punt-pass-and-kick contest in D.C. Then Thomas disclosed that he’s in fact having a fundraiser down Florida way. LL asked who’s hosting it: “Friends of Tommy,” he says. “Just people I know, fraternity brothers, guys I played football with.”

And in case you’re wondering: “I bought my own ticket” to the game, Thomas says.

Of course, there’s a history of D.C. politicos partying at the Big Game while snow slammed the city: In 1987, Marion Barry attended the Broncos-Giants tilt in Southern California; meanwhile the city was slammed with snow as the mayor partied (and was hospitalized for what was later revealed to be the result of drug and alcohol overindulgence).

Thomas says he isn’t concerned Ward 5 will suffer in his absence.

“I have able staff,” he says. “They’ve got a pretty good handle on it.”