Maybe you spent the past weekend shoveling till your shoulders bled, or maybe you are now trying desperately to not murder the people you’ve been stuck in the same house with for four days. Clearly, you’re gonna want a T-shirt to remember this time. Enter Alex Welsh and Grant Hill, the founding partners of creative agency One vs. Many, who’ve designed an “I survived SNOWMAGEDDON” T-shirt. How better to remember the snowball fights in Dupont, hot cocoa and board games in the dark, skiing down Wisconsin Avenue NW, and digging your car out only to have your fair neighbor throw their shit back on yours?

Hill and Welsh decided to run with the idea during the run-up to the storm, when an informal contest to name the impending event broke out. “We’ve never seen anything like this and probably won’t again for a long time,” Hill says. Welsh came up with the design after arriving home from dinner late last Friday night, with the near-blizzard conditions underway. Who said cabin fever couldn’t breed magnificence?

Like the snowbanks the storm left behind, the tees are a little steep—-$24 a pop, though 15 percent of the proceeds go to So Others Might Eat, a local organization that provides food, clothing and medical care to the poor and homeless, who’ve been flocking to city shelters. “When a storm like this hits D.C., it becomes especially hard for the city’s homeless to find food and shelter,” Welsh says.

The T-shirts are expected to ship out on Friday. Though with another winter storm warning ahead and another 8-plus inches predicted, you may have to wait a little longer. But at this point, haven’t you learned patience?