Washington City Paper embarked yesterday afternoon upon an SUV-assisted inspection of various notable persons’ sidewalks. Did they comply with their civic duty to clear walkways for pedestrians within eight daylight hours after the snowfall ended? Here’s what we found.

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Position: delegate, U.S. Congress

Address: 10 9th St. SE (Capitol Hill)

Observations: When LL visited the Norton residence Sunday, he happened upon a gentleman, shovel in hand, clearing the driveway. LL knocked and inquired with Norton, 72, who said she was quite aware of the responsibility of property owners to clear their walks in a timely fashion and had engaged the shovel-wielding gentleman to do just that. Said gentleman did a fine job, completely clearing a wide path on the bricked walk. He had yet to free Norton’s Toyota Camry, however—-which might be just fine given all we now know about Toyotas.

Grade: A-, with only slight demerits for hiring out the job