The awesome Unsuck DC Metro blog has posted a first-person account of a very scary Metro ride this morning:

“I boarded at Potomac Avenue to begin my journey to Dupont Circle. I sat down at my usual spot—second car, on the right side of the middle of the train, next to the window, and started reading my Express.

When we left L’Enfant, and as we started getting up to speed, there was a loud pop, the train shook violently, and sparks as big and bright as fireworks started spewing across the right side window. I gasped, the girl next to me stood up, and we all ran for the door that connected us to the car in front.

The train stopped.

The car began filling with smoke, with popping noises still going on, and sparks still flying outside the train.”

Passengers started crying. There were shouts of “Fire!” Metro provided little info to passengers. Scary stuff. You should read the full narrative. WUSA says the train was evacuated.