Logan Hardware, 1416 P St. NW, (202) 265-8900

Are you open? “Right now. Not sure for how long. Another hour would be a good safe bet.”

What snow stuff do you have in stock? “We just have salt. No shovels or anything.”

5th Street Ace Hardware, 1055 5th St. NW, (202) 682-4570
Are you open? “We are not, actually. We’re planning to be open tomorrow.”

What snow stuff do you have in stock? “A couple bags of ice melt and I think we’re supposed to be getting some shovels.”

What time will the shovels get there?

“Probably not earlier than 11.”

Tenleytown Ace Hardware, 4500 Wisconsin Ave. NW, (202) 364-1902

Are you open? “For now.”

How long will you stay open? “It’s hard to say. I think we’re gonna try to get out of here as soon as possible. Maybe another hour, hour and a half.”

What snow stuff do you have in stock? “We don’t have any shovels, and I don’t think we have any salt either.”

Are you getting shovels tomorrow? “If the truck comes. We haven’t really heard yet. Typically it comes around 8, but there’s a good potential that it might be late.”

Old Town Hardware, 809 S. Washington St., Alexandria, (703) 879-0475
Are you open? “No. It’s not gonna be possible today,” says owner Rich Heilman.

What snow stuff do you have in stock? “Five snow shovels. We’ve been doing daily runs to different vendors….Yesterday I sold 120 snow shovels. I could have done 220 if I had them.”

What about Ice Bullies? “Oh yeah those are all gone. Basically all the garden shovels are gone. Some of the picks and mattocks are gone. I do have a lot of ice scrapers.”