Anyone hoping to purchase some one-on-one with Orr “The Beerspotter” Shtuhl will have to wait a week: Tonight’s planned “Hotties for Haiti” date auction at Sova Espresso & Wine has been postponed till next Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 8:30 p.m., says organizer Helly Schtevie. A slate of what Shtuhl calls “F-list celebrities, and me, somehow”—-Gavin Holland, Mike Way, Maureen Andary among them—-will be available for rent that evening.

Shtuhl is not worried about his competition for the dating dollar. “I think I have an advantage,” he says. “Mine comes with a gift certificate.”

That’s right, you and the Beerspotter are going to ChurchKey! The winner, Shtuhl says, will “be playing fantasy beer drinking with someone who thinks about nothing else all day.”

Shtuhl is currently single, so maybe if things go well one could taste beer with him again? “I think it’s just as likely a dude bids on it because my following leans male, but you never know,” the beer scribe says.

“He did express to me that he thought it was possible he’d be going out with a beer nerd rather than a pretty lady. But the date auction falls around Valentine’s Day on purpose,” says Schtevie, who describes her job at SOVA thus: “I make the sandwiches there. It’s pretty low-key.”

“Whoever gets a date with Orr,” she says, “is gonna be lucky whether they get lucky or just have a nice dinner involving beer.”

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Doctors Without Borders‘ work in Haiti.