The fight is on—again. Dupont Circle. Today. 2 p.m.

From the snowballers’ Facebook site:

Washingtonians – you’ve seen the victory claims, heard the battle cries and watched the combatants charge toward the fountain… in fact, so did people all around the world, thanks to the huge media attention we generated! But which side actually won the day – North or South? Or does it really matter? You can answer those questions and more by coming to Dupont Circle park on Wednesday for another slug-fest, kicking off at 2pm. If you missed out on Saturday, but can make it on Wednesday, we want to see you there! And for everyone who survived Saturday and still has a hunger for a good snowball fight – let it rip! Feel free to bring your flags, banners, shields, ammo trays, drums, furry costumes – and whatever else tickles your imagination!

DISCLAIMER: As we said before, let’s keep the fight CLEAN and SAFE for all involved! Please take extra care of your belongings, and be mindful that you are engaging in the rematch at YOUR OWN RISK. Hopefully, it will be a risk worth taking!