Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe (1517 Connecticut Ave. NW) : A chirpy individual answers the phone at this Dupont Circle standby and says, “Afterwords Cafe—-we’re open.” And that’s about all you need to know. “We’re not that busy yet,” adds the individual.

Cafe Mozart (1331 H St. NW): Open, yes, but only for the deli and carryout. Restaurant is taking the day off.

Cafe Saint-Ex (1847 14th St. NW): Open. Says individual: “We’ve gotten a bunch of calls and a handful of folks are here right now. It’s just going to get busier, I’d imagine.”

Starbucks (2010 P St. NW): No answer—guessing that it’s closed.

Starbucks (1301 Connecticut Ave. NW, aka “Dupont South” branch): No answer—-guessing that it’s closed.

Starbucks (1700 Connecticut Ave. NW, aka “Dupont North” branch): Closing as of around 1:30 pm.

Hmmm, starting to see a trend here: Indie cafes are braving the elements in order bring their products to their customers; they’re rooted in the community and must scratch and claw for every customer. Starbucks, meanwhile, appears to be taking a pass. Let’s check with another Starbucks outlet:

Starbucks (1801 Columbia Road NW): Open, yes, but only till 3:30 pm—-just when this bliz’ is supposed to calm down a touch! This indie v. Starbucks snow fight merits more investigation:

Starbucks (1301 Pennsylvania Ave. NW): Open till (just!) 2 p.m.! Now let’s test this Starbucks trend of either closing altogether or closing really early against another indie outlet. Here we come, Tryst! (Come on, answer the phone, Trysties! And stay open till like 1 a.m.)

Tryst (2459 18th St. NW):OPEN! And till what time? “Normal time,” responds the individual on the other end of the phone. What’s normal time? “1 a.m.,” comes the response—-no lie.

Open City (2331 Calvert St. NW): Open. How can you close down when you have that name?