A snowball fight between George Washington and Georgetown universities has been pushed back two hours to 6 p.m. tonight.

GW senior Kyle Boyer made the challenge yesterday and helped organize the snowpelting extravaganza for Rose Park, around 26th and O Streets NW—neutral ground. For some reason, NBC4 is calling it the “Snowdome of Doom.”

Will the Hippo show up? Will Jack the Bulldog?

Some trash talk to get each side going:

*From GW student Wesley Michael Callahan: From a GU twitter “Hahaha! RT @CultClassiq: wait. snowball fight against GWU??? #ohletsdoit you know they still madd they got deferred from gtown…”

*From GU student Michael Spaulding: HOYA SAXA! GW is going down!

*From GW student Lilian Thompson: I cannot wait for this bloodshed! Hey GU, watch your precious little faces! And btw, not all of us were interested in going to GU, you lose your soul at that place.

Disclosure: This blogger was a Hoya herself and would show up and throw snowballs galore at anyone from GW if only she weren’t trapped under a snowdrift in Baltimore.