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A number of local funeral homes have had to postpone work due to the snow storm(s). Ronald Taylor’s Funeral Home has had to postpone four burials at the request of grieving families. “They don’t want nobody to get hurt,” explains manager Paul Tibbs.

Tibbs says he is not worried about the bodies waiting to be laid to rest. “Only thing you have to do is embalm them correctly the first time, and you don’t have to worry about it,” he explains.

A rep from the Snead Funeral Home said that like everything else, they’re business was on hold. “That’s a stupid question,” the rep replied when asked about funeral cancellations.

David McLaughlin, the owner of McLaughlin Funeral Home on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, says they haven’t had to cancel a funeral just yet. “I own a Suburban,” he says. “I make a commitment to the families that we serve. We keep our word. We may not go as fast but if the family wants the service, we will take our time to get there.”

So far, McLaughlin hasn’t had to use the Suburban to transport any of his dearly departed. “The hearse is actually a good vehicle,” he says. It’s a 2002 Cadillac. “It has good weight to it and, of course, that helps a lot.”

Since Saturday, McLaughlin has done three funerals. With each one, the hearse held up “very well.”

McLaughlin did concede that he may have to postpone one funeral scheduled for Saturday. But it’s up to the family of the deceased.