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The snowball fight last night between Georgetown and George Washington University ended with a decisive victory, as GW students routed the Hoyas in a loss that would have made John Carroll himself cry.

The fight was scheduled for 6 to 7:30 p.m. in Rose Park, a location proposed by City Paper‘s own Loose Lips (a Georgetown alum). By just 6:15, though, the Georgetown students were surrounded. Desperate Hoyas turned to the U.S. News & World Report rankings for a last-minute morale boost, chanting “Georgetown waitlist” and “safety school.” To no avail.

Minutes later, the Hoyas broke entirely and fled back to their campus on a hill. GW President Steven Knapp, one of the victorious snowldiers, declared a school holiday Thursday in honor of the win—definitely not because of the snowiest winter in District history.

The secret to GW’s victory was in the numbers. The student paper the Hatchet estimates there were 225 George Washington students versus just 75 Georgetown combatants. GW’s spirits were also boosted, for some reason, by a Tea Party-chic Gadsden flag.

It wasn’t all bitter rivalry, though. A missed connection from the snowball fight suggests some GW and Georgetown students may be keeping warm with another form of vigorous exercise:

I’m a GW student and you are a Georgetown student. In the midst of our epic battle I looked at you and said “you’re too cute to be a George Washington student,” and then I threw a snowball at you. Well, you really are too cute to be a GW guy. I’d love to meet up and debate GW-GU some more.

Disclosure: The writer is a Georgetown student and was chucking snow on behalf of the beleaguered Hoyas.