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Maria Louis Lewis, the woman charged with assaulting a police officer with a snowball, has officially become a political movement…at least on Facebook. Free Maria! has at the moment 229 members. As one member put it on the Free Maria! wall:

“you’re not a *real* political prisoner until you get a facebook group.”

So true.

The gist from members: This. Is. So. Fucked. Up. Here’s a sampling from Maria’s freedom fighters:

* “From snowmaggedon to Greece, fuck the police!”

* “Missing you! Stay strong & organize with them prisoners.”

* “pshhh felony charges…..FTP….. you dont bring a gun to a snowball fight”

Aside from posting support, the Facebook group may want to pivot toward providing, um, legal support. Like tracking down witnesses, collecting donations for attorney fees, etc.

Unless, Louis Lewis doesn’t need any help at all. Maybe her case will be thrown out. We’re checking on her status.

UPDATE, 5 P.M.: Her name is Maria Lewis, not Louis.