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This whole snow story just won’t die, will it? You got:

The Washington Post, deploying just about everyone on staff to the story, including a feature on how families are coping, stuff on how funeral directors are coping, a piece on who won the local TV ratings (WRC-TV), and so much more.

The Washington City Paper, nailing coverage of snow-removal efforts, debates over the privatization of snow removal, in-depth reporting on disparities among streets, the whole Maria Lewis/”Louis” thing, and so much more.

The Examiner, on frustrations piling up around the region, not to mention Harry Jaffe scolding Chris Matthews for his Buffalo-Miami spiel.

Jaffe nails the classic commuter-tax angle to slam Matthews for his dig at the District for failing to clear the snow fast enough, or at all:

Most of the [complaints] came from District residents. They are valid criticisms of city agencies and workers who had to try to clear perhaps the most snow ever dropped on the District, since George Washington made it the seat of the federal government around 1800. Chalk it up to the push and shove between the government and the governed.

But when I hear talking face Chris Matthews gripe about the city’s snow clearing capabilities, I’d like to shove a sock in his big mouth. Filling his MSNBC show with more nonsense than usual Wednesday night, Matthews called D.C. “a city that can’t plow its streets.”

Jaffe then says that if Matthews, when driving in from his “Montgomery County manse,” just paid a toll at the border, perhaps Mayor Adrian M. Fenty could buy some more “rigs” and get the job done to Matthews’ specs.

City dwellers are always a provincial lot. They live in tight quarters and feel entitled to lash out at people who live in plusher areas. Add to that the historic and exclusive injustices of serving as a resident of the District of Columbia: You have no meaningful representation in Congress; everyone in the region essentially pisses on you; and you have high taxes and bad schools. So when an outsider assails you and your people, the outsider is going to hear it. Expect the Matthews slams to continue into the weekend, along with temperatures in the 30s.