It’s over; it’s finished; we’re done T’was dreadful, but also quite fun Hark back to last week The forecast was bleak But snoverkill hadn’t begun…

On Saturday, life was a lark With snowballs at Malcolm X park (A side-note: that trend—will ever it end?) And frolicking way on past dark

By Sunday the mood was more dour Since thousands of folks had no power Some Super Bowl action Provided distraction No snow-talk for well past an hour

Come Monday the government closed Schools too, once the union imposed From icicles growing To time-lapsing snowing The District sat still and reposed

On Tuesday we got on our knees Dear snow fates, snofuckyourself please! The record’s now clinched From snowfall that inched While taking down neighborhood trees

It’s humpday and you were just stuck What better to do than just HUG, A LOT You needed protection But how’s your selection? The Sexist said you were in luck

The morning on Thursday was sunny With warmth and the hope of some money Some news was fantastic And some, just bombastic Chris Matthews, you son-of-a-gun(ny)

Now Friday, we’re back to the grind With most folks no longer confined The trains were atrocious Commuters? ferocious But hey now, the worst is behind.