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WaPo thinks the real test for Mayor Adrian Fenty comes right now during your morning commute. He’s already failed mine. While I haven’t walked to WCP headquarters just yet, I can bet that the last bit of sidewalk on Mount Pleasant Street hasn’t been cleared nor has the mucky stretch of park nor the bus stops. I will still have to navigate sidewalks that have narrowed and still contain snowy patches. I won’t even bother to check on my snowed-in car (but that’s my fault). This is nothing compared to the residents who drive downtown for work or the area’s school buses who have to navigate all kinds of snow and slush.

Yesterday, Fenty declared that the streets were 90 percent cleared. If they weren’t, he tapped the Peaceoholics to jump in and give an assist on removing snow from bus stops, pesky side streets, etc. Fenty swears that your commute will have gone or will go smoothly today. He tells WaPo:

“After hundreds of plow crews spent the weekend scraping, scooping and hauling away snow, Fenty said Monday that the city has made significant progress in freeing snow-clogged streets

‘We are down to pavement on virtually every residential street,’ Fenty said.”

Yesterday, Prince of Petworth walked through virtually all of Northwest. You can check out his findings via his Twitter account. Around the time Fenty was telling the press that 90 percent of the roads were clear including all the major routes, PoP reported:

“Just walked to gtown from petworth all roads a mess don’t drive if u don’t have too!”

And later:

“Wisconsin ave is particularly bad for cars”

And yet, deep in the WaPo piece, the reporters note that some on the D.C. Council wondered if Fenty should have reached out to the Feds. Councilmember Jim Graham recounted his conversation with the mayor. It’s an eye-opener (emphasis added):

“Graham said when he asked Fenty about requesting resources from President Obama, the mayor replied, ‘What would they have provided us?

‘I said, ‘They could have provided soldiers from Fort Meyer,’ ‘Graham recalled. ‘If it had been a riot, they would have.'”

Fenty wouldn’t dare think of asking the feds for help. But he’ll call on the Peaceoholics. Amazing. So how do you rate Fenty’s snow-removal performance today?