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Good morning, City Desk! Are you in a bad mood today? I am! Marion Barry is!

Barry watchers, we know, are deep into reading the Bennett report and all of its revelations. There’s a lot to sift through there, so we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you: Read here, for instance, to find out how Barry allegedly took kickbacks, here to find out how he allegedly pressured ex-girlfriend Donna Watts-Brighthaupt to impede Robert S. Bennett‘s investigation, and here to find out how many times he allegedly requested sexual favors from a nonprofit worker (hint: the answer involves the number 562).

Barry resents the allegations.

“I have been in office 55 years, and even my public enemies, my political enemies, my other enemies have never implied that I ever took a penny that wasn’t owed to me,” the former mayor said from the D.C. Council dais yesterday.

Is this one of those things where it depends what the definition of “owed” is? Just wondering.

Also: Isn’t that a lot of enemies?

But back to being in a bad mood. Let’s play a good news-bad news game. Ready?

*The good news is all (most? many?) of our cars are now dug out from the snowstorms. The bad news is you can’t drive them anywhere!

*The good news is the Metro is running. The bad news is it and its six-car trains at the peak of rush on the Red Line suck! Also, I realize it takes a long time for people to get off packed trains at busy stops, but wouldn’t it be more helpful if you actually let people get on, too, before you start yelling about how you are now closing the doors? Just wondering.

*The good news is the city has started to empty the overflowing public trash cans. The bad news is all the trash that already overflowed is now making the city look like a shithole. A little poll: Would you throw trash in a can that’s already full? If you answered yes, you suck like Metro!

*The good news is it’s already Wednesday! The bad news is it’s only Wednesday!

Go off and have your day now, go on.

Photo by Erika Niedowski