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In recent months, two esteemed local news columnists have referred to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty as a “jerk.”

And just to prove that the criticism hasn’t had much of an impact on Hizzoner’s conduct, check out the start of this video. If you don’t have time for click-and-watch, I’ll give you a summary:

First: A NewsChannel 4 anchor opens with a question for Fenty about the streets, saying that there are still problems with commutes stemming from snow-strewn thoroughfares. “When is the last of the snow going to be cleared and when should things be back to normal?”

Then: Fenty responds with a bunch of bluster—-a laugh and some strange facial contortions. He says, “It’s kind of a question that doesn’t make any sense….the snow has fallen and it’s not going to be gone until the temperature gets warm enough that it can melt.”

Then: After a little back-and-forth, Fenty says, “We’re moving it out of the street, which is what I think you guys mean.”

Right! That was the question, Mr. Mayor.

See for yourself:

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