Good morning, Friday! I’m in a better mood today, don’t worry.

If you missed our item yesterday on post-snowstorm parking spot hogging—the one with that photograph of the handmade sign promising that anyone who parks in the signmaker’s spot better have a “good spare”—check it out.

According to one commenter on that post, some genius was selling “reclaimed” chairs from parking spots on Craigslist yesterday, for $10 a pop. City Desk has not confirmed this, but if you bought an Ikea chair that way for that price yesterday, you now know where it came from. “Unfortunately, the listing has been removed, but it was priceless,” wrote Chickenbot. “The person said they were doing a ‘public service.'”

Speaking of dumb stuff to say or do, here’s another suggestion, from the supersnippy Hill East listserv (I thought my neighborhood listserv was bad!), on how to deal with the parking spot hoggers: “Anybody who saves a space should get the electric chair.” Wow, what a good idea!

There will be more pictures on City Desk today of neighborly signs left on cars, so stay tuned for that.

With apologies to City Paper Managing Editor Andrew Beaujon, who fawned in this space yesterday over “Lindsey Vonn! Lindsey Vonn!”, it must be reported that Lindsey Vonn! Lindsey Vonn! crashed on her slalom run, did not finish, and, to that end, did not win another gold. Perhaps that would have been too much for Andrew anyway. Had Lindsey Vonn! Lindsey Vonn! won more ore, I mean.

In other news, Gordon Lightfoot is not dead. I didn’t even know that he was dead, before I found that he wasn’t dead, but there you go. He’s not. The Edmonton Journal‘s original story—now “no longer available”—cited “sources close to the singer.” They must not be that close. Canadians! Eh!

Also, the Tiger Woods Rehabilitation Tour (the Post‘s Paul Fahri made that phrase up) begins today. Don’t miss it. Friday is always a good day to start a rehabilitation. Take note, Marion Barry.

Public domain photo of Lindsey Vonn! Lindsey Vonn! by Gerwig Loffelholz