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Pushy Cat: A kitten who bullied too much was given up on Feb. 16 in the 1200 block of Mt. Olivet Road NE. The feline was surrendered to Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) because it was aggressive toward other cats in the household. The Humane Society soon discovered the potential reason: A pink collar around the animal’s neck was too tight and had become fused to its skin. With the cat under sedation, a veterinarian peeled the collar from the animal’s flesh.

Ghost Dog: An HLE officer attempted to rescue an abandoned dog only to find it wasn’t there. The cop was called to the 3500 block of 6th Street SE on Feb. 12 by a building manager who said he discovered a dog in an apartment that had been vacant for at least a week. But when the animal cop arrived, there was no fido. Neighbors told HLE that they didn’t recall the previous tenants having a dog, but that they had recently spotted a teenager going in and out of the place with one. The officer recommended the manager lock the apartment to keep squatters out.

Ciao, Chow:
An HLE officer used a catch pole to snare a fearful Chow on Feb. 11 in the 4900 block of Ames Street NE. After an investigation, the animal cop came to believe the canine had been abandoned for days in the backyard of a home there. But as the officer loaded the dog up, a man arrived and identified himself as the dog’s caretaker. “The man explained that he was unable to tend to the dog for a few days because of the poor road conditions caused by the recent snowstorms.” The man agreed to take the pooch inside; the animal was returned to him.

Two Is Better: Three female dogs were left out in the snow in the 100 block of New York Avenue NW. HLE met on Feb. 11 with the owner of the dogs, who explained he was keeping them outside because of their bad behavior. The owner agreed to give up one of the dogs, an 8-month-old tan Shepherd mix, and promised to get the remaining ones spayed to help curb their aggression.

Source: Washington Humane Society

Photography by gumuz, Creative Commons Attribution License